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Immoral live brought something special this time and I’m sure you guys will enjoy it. We have these sexy three teens sucking and getting fucked by these two guys. They were invited to these private party a few days ago. One new tattoo parlor was opening and they wanted a more select opening party, so they picked their guests carefully. The girls were of course invited and actually they spend most of the night talking with the two owners of the shop.

They weren’t too special, but they seemed nice guys so they gave them a try. After finished all subject about body art, the guys invited them to their place. The girls were interested in getting more free tattoos so they went with them. They knew it was a two months waiting list so they had to cut it off a bit. Things spiced up a bit between them and they ended up taking turns on sucking and getting pounded by the guys. If you want more amazing scene you must visit to see more slutty teens in action. Enjoy it!

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